About Us

Aloha Investigative Services is owned by Matt Ramsey, a licensed Private Investigator with over twenty years of experience working with local Law Enforcement, and the Marin County Courts. He has a Bachelors Degree in Communication, is a graduate of the San Francisco Police Academy, and served with the Marin Sheriffs Department Marine Patrol Unit for over a decade.

Also licensed as a California Bail Agent Matt has personally recovered and surrendered over 200 felony fugitives. He is licensed to carry both Concealed Weapons and Exposed Firearms statewide. As a Bureau of Security and Investigative Services Instructor he teaches Power to Arrest, and Use of Deadly Force to other private security professionals.

Matt and his wife Heather live in Marin with their two young daughters. Heather is also licensed as an armed investigator.

Aloha Investigative Service is conveniently located across from the Marin Civic Center. We are also Certified Criminal Defense Investigators, Process Servers, and are members of California Association of Licensed Investigators.